ISPA Conference

Expand your technical horizions!

ISPA Conference

Take your development skills to a new level!

Mobile Web Applications

Have you ever wondered about the process of developing mobile web applications? Well, wonder no more! We plan to have speakers talk about these applications and working through the development process so that people can get some better perspective on that. Whether you're looking for pointers on how to enact a web application monitoring strategy, or info on how to develop the next big app, you'll see speakers talking on that topic.

World Class Presenters

We plan to have a number of presenters who are experts in their fields, including web application developers, publishers, and other industry professionals. In addition to that, we plan on having open workshops about coding and programming as well. If you'd like to speak at the conference or be a presenter, please get in touch with us through our contact page.

A Global Perspective on Development

You won't just get information at this conference from a local perspective, you'll get tips and tricks from developers around the world. You'll also have the opportunity to learn about global trends in application development, and other aspects of web design and development. This is a one of a kind opportunity to connect with other industry professionals.

An Experience Like No Other

This conference is truly an experience like no other, and something that you cannot pass up! From the global speakers to other fun aspects of this conference, there's no better place to learn about web applications & monitoring, development, and talk with such an amazing audience of developers and like-minded technology colleagues.

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